solar foundations and racking system

Solar foundations and racking systems

Our efficient ground screw foundations and robust racking systems allow for the rapid installation of solar arrays of all sizes, avoiding costly delays, reducing programme lengths, and minimising environmental impact.

There are several benefits to choosing ground screws for your solar foundations.

  • Increased support against wind and uplift
  • Easily removed at the end of the solar array’s lifespan
  • Install in hard-to-access and remote areas
  • Install over sloping, uneven and soft ground
  • Install any time of the year, in any weather
  • Install without the impact driving of piles
  • Save time. Avoid costly delays.

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Securing your solar investment with the greater load capacities of ground screws

One of the significant strengths of RADIX Ground Screws over traditional pile foundations is the increased uplift and horizontal forces they withstand.

As illustrated below, the continuous helix of a ground screw creates greater friction underground than a traditional pile. This provides the capability for each ground screw to withstand vertical uplift forces exceeding 45kN in suitable ground conditions.

Solar panels naturally have a large surface area to capture the sun’s rays, but this acts like a sail in the wind. Ground screws protect your solar array by securely anchoring it underground, delivering the best foundation solution, especially in wind-exposed areas.

solar foundations and racking systems

Ready to try ground screws?

We provide a complete foundation solution for solar projects, supplying and installing RADIX Ground Screws and Solar Racking Systems.

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Our turnkey solution for solar arrays

We are ready to support your solar project with our complete foundation solution, from site surveys and testing to the supply and installation of RADIX Ground Screws and Solar Racking Systems.

survey testing ground screws

Surveys and ground testing

Our teams can conduct site-specific surveys and tensile ground tests up to 120kN per ground screw.
Ground screw specification

Ground screw specification

We select ground screws and plan your solar foundations based on test results, ground conditions and project requirements.
Ground screw installation

Ground screw installation

Our teams will install the specified RADIX Ground Screws for your solar array – all year round and in any weather.
Solar racking systems

Solar racking systems

Streamline your project with one of RADIX’s solar racking systems, allowing you to mount PV modules immediately.

Case studies

Explore some solar projects secured on our ground screws and racking systems.