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We build sustainability into everything we do.

No More Digging was formed in early 2018, starting out servicing the growing garden room industry with a sustainable alternative to concrete foundations.

With our own foundations firmly set in the East Coast of Scotland, we now have partners across the whole UK, providing a swift, reliable and cost-effective service to customers.

Our range of RADIX Ground Screws provides fast, strong and sustainable foundations for various commercial and residential applications, including garden buildings, holiday lodges and glamping pods, solar arrays, and more.

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Our Mission and Values

We exist to offer an efficient and sustainable alternative to concrete foundations, getting projects off the ground 70% faster and with minimal environmental impact.

Listening to our customer’s needs and putting them at the heart of everything we do.
Offering alternative, efficient, and high-quality solutions that deliver positive outcomes for our customers.
Protecting our environment for future generations by offering a low-carbon alternative to concrete foundations.
Through great communication and building strong relationships, we work together as one team to deliver for our customers.
About environmental impact

Our Environmental Statement

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and is a key benefit of ground screw foundations.

As part of the RADIX Group, we have worked together to develop the ground screws we install to provide a low-carbon alternative to concrete. Our ground screws use fewer resources and cause less damage to the environment.

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