elevated summer house on ground screw foundations
Case Study

Elevated Summer House, Newport-on-Tay

Ground screws and bespoke subframe for an elevated summer house, providing a fantastic outlook over the River Tay to the City of Discovery, Dundee.

Private Customer, Gillies & Mackay

Newport-on-Tay, Scotland

Product Solutions
25 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1025/1550 Ground Screws
Bespoke fittings and leg extensions
Bespoke timber subframe

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

Elevated Summer House Newport on Tay


The biggest challenge was the sloping site, in excess of 30 degrees, which needed a different approach to the usual solution of taking up the ground levels by using varying lengths of ground screws. 

Access to the site was also restricted through a narrow pedestrian gate from a busy street.

Elevated Summer House Newport on Tay


Having close coordination between the end customer and Gillies & Mackay, we established the overall design and layout requirements to accommodate the summer house and decking areas.

Completing a site survey, we established the precise position of ground screw foundations and recorded the varying ground levels. All information was then presented to our parent company, RADIX, which manufactured the bespoke extension legs and diagonal cross bracing required for the project.

Excellent communication and teamwork meant that installation went smoothly and was completed within two days, ready for Gillies & Mackay to complete the build of their summer house without delay.