remote log cabin gound screw foundations
Case Study

Log Cabin Retreat, Scotland

The team at Argyll & Bute installed 24 RADIX PRO Ground Screws for an off-grid cabin.

Dark Sky Retreats


Product Solutions
24 nr. RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws

Install Team
No More Digging Argyll & Bute

Argyll and bute log cabin foundations scotland 3


Our No More Digging team in Argyll & Bute was contacted to provide a sustainable and low-impact base to support an off-grid log cabin for Dark Sky Retreats.

Set within a stunning natural habitat, the area was surrounded by trees and newly-planted tree saplings, and the owners wanted to ensure that there was no disruption to the surrounding environment.

Additionally, the remote project site was situated on very challenging ground, filled with a mixture of low-level rocks.

Argyll and bute log cabin foundations scotland 5


Our team supplied and installed 24 RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws in varying lengths to ensure a strong and level foundation to support the log cabin and outdoor hot tub.

To manage the uneven ground caused by a bed of low-level rocks, the team had to break through the sediment and install a variety of lengths of the RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws to accommodate the varying heights.

The ground screw foundation solution was delivered without digging up or damaging the landscape or the surrounding natural environment.