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Case Study

Rustic Home Office Cabin, Buckinghamshire

Supply and install of 16 ground screw foundations and custom timber subframe for a new custom designed 4m x 4m rustic timber cabin.

Rustic Realities

Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Product Solutions
16 nr. RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws

Install Team
No More Digging South East

office cabin ground screws foundations


Rustic Realities design and build rustic style cabins and garden rooms for their customers. Carpentry is their passion and everything is custom-made, so each project is entirely unique.

Each build is insulated with sheep wool which not only regulates the internal temperature in all seasons, it also removes moisture and toxins from the air, which means it is less hazardous to installers than most other insulation types and the manufacturing process causes little, if any, damage to the environment.

Lee Butterworth, the owner of Rustic Realities, approached us as a customer had asked him to build one of his cabins over a disused pond, which had left a severe depression in the ground. The plinth blocks he had previously used were not an option for this project due to the depression, and the customer was reluctant to fill in the pond.

log cabin on ground screw foundations


Lee contacted us, having seen ground screws used by another garden room company. Although there was some initial resistance from the customer, as they couldn’t envisage how a cabin could be built on an uneven surface, they trusted Lee and were happy for him to proceed.

After initial discussions, it was ascertained that the ground dropped where the centre of the cabin would sit, and it would be necessary to install 2050mm screws in this area, whilst standard 1250mm would be sufficient around the periphery.

Following the successful installation of the 16 RADIX PRO Ground Screws, the team set about installing the custom timber subframe. The 4m x 4m subframe had been manufactured off-site in manageable cassettes, making it easy to bring to the site.

The complete foundation solution for the cabin was installed in just one day, allowing Rustic Realities to begin building immediately and without delay.

The new 4m x 4m flat roof cabin has a main office room and a back storage room. The internal walls are finished in hardwood ply, and the ceiling is covered in tongue and groove cladding. An antique ink bottle found on the site during the build was given its special little niche.

Externally, the building is clad in a mix of painted shiplap to the rear, waney edge cladding to the two most prominent sides, with one corner clad in cedar shingles in a ‘Rustic Realities’ signature random pattern. 

Lee now prices every job with ground screws in mind and says that there is much greater potential for installing his cabins on uneven ground without the laborious digging and removal of spoils he had previously encountered.

Ground screws now give us greater potential for installing our cabins on uneven ground without the laborious digging and removal of spoils we have previously encountered.
- Lee Butterworth, Rustic Realities