Are ground screws suitable foundations for solar arrays

Not only are ground screws suitable for solar arrays, they offer significantly greater support over traditional piles or concrete ballasts.

As illustrated below, the continuous helix of a ground screw creates greater friction underground than a traditional pile. This provides each ground screw the capability to withstand horizontal and vertical uplift forces exceeding 45kN in suitable ground conditions.

ground screw foundations for a solar array

Solar panels naturally have a large surface area to capture the sun’s rays, but this acts like a sail in the wind. Ground screws protect your solar array by securely anchoring it underground, delivering the best foundation solution, especially in wind-exposed areas.


Low-impact, reversible foundations

Another huge benefit of ground screw foundations is that they can be removed at the end of a solar array's life as quickly and as easily as they were installed without digging up or damaging the land.


Secure your solar investment on ground screw foundations 

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