How are ground screw foundations installed?

Ground screws replace the need to dig up and damage landscapes and natural habitats for laying traditional concrete foundations.

As the name would suggest, these foundations are screwed into the ground to depths typically between 1.2m and 5.0m using our specialist installation machines.

Once installed, loads are transferred to the subsurface layers of soil and rock providing significant load-bearing capacity by friction, end bearing, or a combination of both.

To ensure the correct specification of ground screws is selected for your project, we can complete physical compression, tensile and lateral load testing on-site to verify capacities and provide empirical evidence for engineers and building inspectors.

Watch our illustrated video below to learn more about the ground screw installation process.


How ground screw foundations are installed

Ground screws offer an efficient, practical, and mess-free installation, allowing you to progress with your build immediately.

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