What can ground screw foundations be used for?

We think the question is more – what can't they be used for?!

RADIX Ground Screws offer an incredibly capable and adaptable foundation solution that can be used across various commercial and residential applications.

We've popped a few examples below, but check out our case studies to see what some of our customers have built on our ground screw foundations.

ground screw foundations be used for garden rooms

Garden rooms, offices and studios

Ground screws are great for projects in enclosed and hard-to-access garden spaces, as well as often being chosen to overcome areas of sloping ground.

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What can ground screw foundations be used for Holiday Lodges

Holiday lodges, log cabins and glamping pods

As our ground screws and installation machines can go where concrete cannot, they are perfect for creating strong and level foundations for holiday lodges and log cabins in remote and picturesque locations.

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What can ground screw foundations be used for Solar Arrays

Solar PV and renewable energy

Ground screws have a continuous helix that creates greater friction underground than a traditional pile, securely anchoring solar arrays in even the most wind-exposed locations.

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In conclusion, ground screws offer a practical and mess-free foundation solution that can be used for any application.

Compared to traditional concrete foundations, they're the quicker and more environmentally-friendly solution, providing the perfect answer to projects in off-grid and remote areas, including tree preservation areas.

Capable of being installed all year round and in any weather conditions, they have helped our customers get their projects off the ground without any digging, damage or costly delays.

If you have any questions or want to get your project off the ground on ground screws, contact your local installer for some free advice.

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