Will animals move into the spaces around ground screw foundations?

Whether built on ground screws or concrete pads/piles, all garden buildings and structures offer the opportunity of a new home for wildlife. After all, small creatures like hedgehogs, field mice, and toads, to name a few, all like sheltered spaces to live.

garden hedgehog

If you’re installing a garden room or office over flat ground, there will be a tiny void between the ground screws and the building’s floor, which is typically not large enough for wildlife to move in – other than maybe the odd spider or two.

However, if you are installing over a sloped site, or you're elevating your garden room, this will present more significant space under the building.

Urban Pods garden room

Many of our clients opt to add skirting or bring shuttering down to the ground level on their finished buildings. While primarily for aesthetic purposes, these methods can help discourage wildlife from moving in under your garden room or office.

The most effective way to discourage wildlife in your garden is to ensure that it is free from easily accessible household waste, cleaning products (rats and mice like a bar of soap), and animal feed, such as birdseed. These will entice unwanted wildlife into your garden for a snack, where they may find a new home.

Ultimately, nature and wildlife will usually find a way!

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