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Ground screw foundations

Ground screws are an efficient, sustainable alternative to concrete foundations that don’t cost the Earth

Manufactured from responsibly sourced steel, RADIX Ground Screws contain less than 50% of the embodied carbon (CO2e) than an equivalent concrete base. With 10% of the world's carbon emissions from concrete production, ground screws are helping protect our planet one project at a time.

Installed all year round and in any weather, ground screws can get your project off the ground quickly, without costly delays, and with minimal environmental impact.

Providing a robust foundation solution that can overcome hard-to-access areas and bring up sloping ground quickly, ground screws are perfect for all sorts of commercial and residential projects.

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Ground screws = infinite applications

The range of ground screw foundations we install from RADIX offers an efficient, robust and versatile foundation solution capable of supporting projects with limitless possibilities.

Explore some of the applications for our ground screw foundations below.

The UK's leading ground screw foundations.

As part of the RADIX Group, we have helped to develop the strong and sustainable ground screw foundations that we install, so we know our products inside out.

RADIX Ground Screws support projects across the UK and around the world, from garden rooms, home extensions and log cabins, to solar arrays, event staging, and more.

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Attachments and brackets

Our universal brackets and fittings suit the majority of project applications, however, our expert teams can design, manufacture and install bespoke fittings to meet your specific needs.

Longer life expectancy

RADIX Ground Screws are galvanised in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461:2009 for long-lasting protection and a life expectancy exceeding 76 years in typical soil conditions.

Strong, structural steel

RADIX PRO Ground Screws are available in diameters from 76mm to 114mm, offering varying capacities of vertical and horizontal load resistances required on all project applications.

Greater load capacities

The continuous helix of a ground screw creates greater friction underground than a traditional pile, capable of withstanding uplift and horizontal forces in excess of 45kN and load-bearing capacities of 75kN per screw.

Versatile foundation solution

RADIX PRO Ground Screws are available in lengths between 800mm and 2050mm to reach load-bearing stratum in various ground types – RADIX EXT Ground Screws go even further.

Low-carbon foundations

Made from less than 50% of the embodied carbon (CO2e) than a comparable concrete base, ground screws are the low-carbon foundation solution.

Low-impact foundations

Avoiding the need for heavy excavations or hammering in traditional piles, ground screws can be installed with minimal impact on our environmental and natural habitats.