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We are making a positive impact with every ground screw.

As well as our foundation solution delivering the sustainable alternative to carbon-heavy concrete foundations, as part of the RADIX Group, we are going the extra distance to support projects and organisations making a difference in protecting our environment.

Join us, and let's make an even bigger difference together.


Low-carbon product. Low-impact installation.

Ground Screws offer a low-carbon, 
low-impact alternative to traditional concrete-based foundations.

Concrete is harming the environment – in a big way.

RADIX Ground Screws are made from responsibly sourced steel and contain 81% less embodied carbon than an equivalent concrete base.

10% of the world's carbon emissions come from concrete production, and concrete is the world’s second most consumed substance on Earth only after water.

Replacing concrete with ground screws for your project will make a difference. It’s a small difference, but being environmentally friendly is about us making many small changes together.

Our impact

Growing partnerships and making a positive impact on our environment together.

As part of the RADIX Group, we are proud to be a Trees for Life Silver Partner and a Project Seagrass Bronze Corporate Sponsor.

Together, we are helping plant seagrass around the UK and native tree species right here in the Scottish Highlands. Join us in making a positive impact together.

We have funded the planting of 508 native saplings around the Scottish Highlands.
Once mature, each tree could absorb 10 kg of CO2/year. That's over five tonnes for our trees!
5.08 tonnes
Trees for Life has created ten new red squirrel populations, reintroducing 200+ squirrels.
We have supported the planting of around 1,650 Zostera Marina seagrass seeds around the UK.
Our seagrass, once fully grown, will cover approximately 33m2 of the UK's coastal seabeds.
Our seagrass will cover the area of approximately one-and-a-quarter double-decker buses!