Concrete vs Ground Screws

What are the benefits of ground screws over traditional concrete foundations?

There are quite a few!

Eco-friendly Foundations

RADIX Ground Screws contain less than half of the embodied carbon (CO2e) than an equivalent concrete base, offering a low-carbon alternative that helps protect our planet.

As well as offering a more sustainable foundation solution, as part of the RADIX Group, we are working to increase our sustainability impact by going the extra distance and supporting projects and organisations making a difference in protecting our environment.

Our sustainability impact

Faster Foundations

Our ground screws can be installed 70% faster than traditional concrete foundations, with no need for heavy excavations, or removal of spoils, and, most importantly, there is no need to wait on any carbon-heavy concrete to dry!

ground screws versus concrete foundations

Foundations In Any Weather

Unlike concrete, we can install ground screws all year round and in any weather without compromising the quality of your project's foundations and making costly delays a thing of the past.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, come sun, wind or rain, we can get your project off the ground on our strong and sustainable foundations.

How much do ground screw foundations cost

Level Sloping Ground

Avoiding the need for any heavy excavations and removal of spoils, ground screws can quickly bring up the levels over areas of sloping ground.

No Digging. No Damage.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, the installation method of our ground screws requires no digging or disposal of excavated soils, the costs are often lower than traditional concrete foundations. 

How much do concrete foundations cost vs ground screws

Cost Effective Foundations

If we take a 6m x 3m garden room installed on level ground, adhering to building guidelines, there are savings with ground screws.

Concrete Foundations

The cost of installing a 0.15m deep concrete base, including excavation with spoils remaining on-site, materials and labour, is £2,520*.

Ground Screws

Without digging, causing mess or damage to the garden, the supply and installation of our ground screws with a timber frame is £2,205*.

The cost of concrete foundations increases significantly on sites with areas of sloping or unlevel ground, which will require more excavation, removal of spoils, materials and labour. 

We only need to select longer screws!

* Comparisons provided as of August 2022.


Why are ground screws the better foundations?

  • Install in enclosed and hard-to-access gardens
  • Install over areas of sloping and uneven ground
  • Install any time of the year and in any weather
  • Install around trees without damaging root systems
  • Removable for events and temporary structures
  • Environmental friendly foundations
  • No digging. No damage. No concrete.

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