ground screws for events and temporary structures

Event & Temporary Foundations

Installed and removed without digging or damage, ground screws are perfect for events and temporary structures.

Build your project on strong and sustainable foundations without the need to dig up, break up and remove carbon-heavy concrete afterwards.

  • Install in hard-to-access locations
  • Install over areas of sloping and uneven ground
  • Install any time of the year and in any weather
  • Remove at the end of your project without hassle
  • No digging. No damage. No concrete.

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Sustainability Rothiemurchus Trees for Life

Temporary foundations without environmental impact

Made from galvanised steel, RADIX Ground Screws contain less than half the embodied carbon (CO2e) than an equivalent concrete base.

By choosing ground screws for your garden room foundations, you can avoid contributing to the 10% carbon emissions (CO2) of global concrete production and help protect our environment.


A circular foundation solution

Our teams can install and remove your foundations with minimal mess or fuss, allowing you to build your project on strong and sustainable foundations and avoiding the impact and hassle of concrete.

testing ground screw foundations

Ground screw testing

Our teams can conduct site-specific surveys and compression ground tests up to 150kN per ground screw.
installing ground screw foundations

Installing ground screws

Using our powerful installation machines, ground screws are driven in without digging, damage or delay.
bespoke brackets and subframes

Bespoke subframes

We can design, manufacture and install a bespoke subframe so you can start building your event structures immediately.
ground screw removal

Removing temporary foundations

As rapidly as they were installed, our team will remove your ground screws without digging up or damaging the landscape.
Temporary ground screw foundations for dinosaurs

Worried about uneven or sloping ground? Concerned about difficult access to your site?

Thankfully, our ground screw foundations and installation equipment can go where traditional foundations cannot, requiring no need for heavy machinery, skip hire or extensive ground clearance.

Our expert teams have overcome all sorts of challenging projects located in hard-to-access areas, where the ground was thought to be completely unusable.

We can install a strong and level base over sloping, uneven and soft ground, all ready for you to build your temporary event buildings and structures as our last screw is in the ground!

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Product and service guarantee

We guarantee the installation of the RADIX Ground Screws we install.