solar array racking systems

Solar racking systems

Our robust solar racking systems are built for the efficiency of installation and mounting of solar panels

We offer two racking systems from RADIX, capable of securing all scales of commercial and residential solar arrays, providing a complete foundation and racking solution to protect your solar investment.

  • RADIX SolarTripod
  • RADIX SolarTerrace

With components designed for efficiency and precision of installation, our teams can rapidly deploy a complete foundation and racking solution for your solar array while avoiding costly delays and allowing you to mount solar panels immediately.

The RADIX SolarTerrace and SolarTripod racking systems each come with a 10-year guarantee from the date of installation.

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solar ground screws and racking systems

RADIX SolarTripod

A single-panel solar racking system that takes advantage of small areas, with portrait-orientated modules maximising the use of space.

Fitted with adjustable supports and rails, your solar array can be positioned and angled accurately between 15º and 30º.

RADIX SolarTripod

solar ground screws and racking systems

RADIX SolarTerrace

A pre-assembled aluminium racking system designed for fast installation, the SolarTerrace supports all scales of domestic and commercial solar arrays.

Using high-quality engineered components, the RADIX SolarTerrace is designed for convenience and quick installation with precision, significantly saving time and cost throughout large-scale projects.

RADIX SolarTerrace

Case Studies

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