solar array ground screw foundations and racking system
Case Study

75kW Solar Array, Golspie

Supplying and installing ground screw foundations and racking system for a 75kW solar array in Golspie, Scotland.

Alba Heat and Power

Golspie, Scotland

Product Solutions
62 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1250/1550 Ground Screws
RADIX SolarTerrace Racking System

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

solar array foundations installation


This 140-panel solar array situated in an exposed site close to a railway line required a robust and secure solution that would cope with the strong wind conditions solar panels would experience.

The client also required a foundation solution that would keep noise low to cause minimal disruption to them and adjacent offices, compared to using a traditional ramming system for ground mount systems.

solar array foundations and racking


The installation of ground screw foundations and solar racking system was completed in three working days.

Survey & Testing

The team completed a site survey and testing, verifying the suitability of ground conditions and tensile capacity, and ensuring the correct specification of ground screws were installed to securely anchor the solar array and withstand the wind uplift forces the solar array is exposed to.

Ground Screw Installation

Our team supplied and installed 62 RADIX PRO 76x1250mm and 76x1550mm Ground Screws meeting the performance requirements of the project to securely anchor the racking system and solar panels above.

Solar Racking System

To allow Alba Heat and Power to begin mounting solar panels immediately and keep to the programme of work, we supplied and installed the efficient and robust RADIX SolarTerrace racking system on our ground screw foundations.