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Ground screw installation

Build your project on ground screw foundations and avoid the mess, hassle and environmental impact of concrete.

Our teams across the UK are ready to support you with the supply and installation of RADIX Ground Screws – the low-carbon, low-impact alternative to concrete foundations.

  • Install in hard-to-access and off grid areas.
  • Install over sloping and uneven ground.
  • Install all year round in any weather.
  • No excavation or removal of spoils required.
  • Save time, avoid costly delays and protect the environment.

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How we install ground screw foundations

Our fully trained teams across the UK deliver a professional service ensuring your project gets off the ground with minimal mess, hassle, or damage to our environment.

  • On arrival, we will mark out your project and the locations for your ground screw foundations
  • We conduct a visual check and scan the area for services
    We then predrill each location and position the specified ground screws for your project
  • Using one of our installation machines, the ground screw at the highest point is driven in first, and setting the level
  • The remaining screws are then installed to laser accuracy
  • If part of your project, brackets, fittings and a subframe are then installed immediately.
  • A quick tidy up, and we’re done!

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Product and service guarantee

We are confident in our products and services, which is why we guarantee the structural integrity and installation of all the RADIX Ground Screws we install on our projects.

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Case studies

The latest projects we’ve helped get off the ground on our sustainable ground screw foundations!