garden room and swim spa ground screw foundations
Case Study

Garden Room & Swim Spa, Scotland

Ground screw foundations and bespoke timber subframe for a garden room, swim spa and decking.

Scottish Garden Rooms


Product Solutions
33 no. RADIX PRO Ground Screws 76x1550/1250
21㎡ Bespoke Timber Subframe

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

swim spa ground screw foundations


Scottish Garden Rooms required an efficient and robust foundation solution for their customer's new garden room, which houses a luxury swim spa and is surrounded by an extended decking area.

Due to the total weight of the 7.6m x 4.8m garden room and large decking area, and everything needing to align with the customer's existing patio that sat adjacent to the project, a well-considered layout design was needed to ensure loads were accommodated safely across the project.

Situated within a quiet residential area, it was also essential to the customer that noise and disruption were minimal.

swim spa ground screw foundations


To ensure Scottish Garden Rooms had a robust base to build on, 16 no. RADIX PRO 76x1550mm Ground Screws were installed to support the 7.6m x 4.8m garden room housing the swim spa.

A further 17 no. RADIX PRO 76x1050mm Ground Screws were installed around the perimeter to support the surrounding decking area.

All ground screws were installed without digging or damaging the customer's garden or the in-situ swim spa base, and, with installation completed within a day, there was minimal disruption to neighbours.

Completed by the design, supply and installation of a bespoke timber subframe, all aligning perfectly with the customer's existing garden patio, Scottish Garden Rooms were able to begin work immediately.