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Case Study

Luxury Holiday Lodges, Scotland

Strong and sustainable ground screw foundations and bespoke timber subframes for ten luxury holiday lodges and hot tubs at Bowfield Hotel & Spa.


Bowfield Hotel & Spa, Scotland

Product Solutions
362 no. RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws
Bespoke timber subframes

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No More Digging Scotland

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We were approached by Glasgow-based Logspan to support them with an efficient and low-impact foundations solution for their multi-unit project at Bowfield Hotel & Spa to install nine luxury lodges and a honeymoon suite.

As the hotel and spa would continue to operate throughout the entire project, it was important that the installation of foundations was completed to schedule and with minimal impact on the business and guests.

It was also critical for foundations to be delivered to schedule to that Logspan could bring their materials to the site and begin installing the ten luxury lodges to meet Bowfield's deadline for their launch in 2023. Something that could easily be impacted by bad weather in the winter months.

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Ahead of the project, we worked closely with Logspan to understand the foundation requirements for each lodge fully.

The programme of work began in late October 2022, in heavy rain. Fortunately, RADIX Ground Screws can be installed all year round and in all weather conditions, and the project started on schedule with the ground screw foundations and bespoke timber subframes completed for the nine luxury lodges and the honeymoon suite in nine working days.

We achieved the complete installation with a team of four driving in each ground screw with a mix of electric hand-held machines and our hydraulic installation rig, REX.

Each luxury lodge and the honeymoon suite sits securely on varying lengths of RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws, with bespoke timber subframes designed, manufactured and installed for each log cabin and hot tub.

We returned to complete the installation of 10 additional ground screws to allow for an extended area of decking around the Honeymoon Suite for a hot tub.