500kw solar ground screw foundations and racking system
Case Study

500kW Solar Array, Scotland

Supply and installation of foundations and racking system for a 500kW solar array in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

Plascow Renewables Ltd

Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

Product Solutions
388 no. RADIX PRO Ground Screws

RADIX SolarTerrace Racking System

Install Team
No More Digging Scotland

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The ground conditions for the proposed 928-panel solar array were exposed, requiring a robust foundation solution to cope with the horizontal and uplift forces the solar panels would experience from strong prevailing Scottish winds.

RADIX Ground Screws were chosen to provide an efficient foundation solution to diversify the land with minimal damage or disruption to the operating farm that surrounded the site.

With the possibility of shallow soil depths and subsequent bedrock posing a challenge to achieving the uplift resistance required to support the solar array, a site survey and ground tests would be conducted.

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Site Survey and Testing

Our team conducted a site survey and ground screw testing to ensure the site location was suitable for the project, with ground screw foundations to be installed to the required depths to provide the tensile capacities to support the solar array and withstand the significant horizontal and vertical uplift forces the array would experience.

Ground Screw Foundations

We supplied and installed 388 RADIX PRO Ground Screws with our efficient hydraulic installation rig, REX, driving in each ground screw to securely anchor the RADIX SolarTerrace racking systems across this off-grid location.

Solar Racking System

We supplied the complete RADIX SolarTerrace Racking Systems for the project, providing training on how to securely anchor the frame to the ground screw foundations and completing the installation of the racking system, ready to be mounted with solar panels without delay. The customer could then continue with rolling out their installation, securing each solar panel to the racking.