solar array ground screw foundations
Case Study

100kW Solar Array, SPS Fauldhouse

Ground screw foundations for a 100kW Solar PV system at SPS Fauldhouse, including the supply and installation of the solar racking system.

Private Customer

Perthshire, Scotland

Product Solutions
108 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1250/1550 Ground Screws
Solar Racking System

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

solar foundations ground screw testing


The area of ground for this site’s installation is subject to heavy waterlogging and is regularly saturated. We needed to contend with varying ground levels up to 550mm, including a large dip in the middle of the site.

A short programme of work was required to ensure a rapid resolution and installation with minimum disruption for our client.

solar array on ground screw foundations


A pre-installation survey was completed, with site-specific testing to check load-bearing capacities. To contend with the ground levels and saturated ground, a range of our 1.5m and 2.0m long ground screws were deployed to ensure a stable, level foundation was created, penetrating deep enough to meet the performance requirements.

Installation was completed in five working days, ready for Solar PV panels to be installed without delay.