solar array ground screw foundations
Case Study

50kW Solar Array, Montrose

Supply and installation of ground screw foundations for a 50kW Solar PV system in a wind-exposed area of Angus, Scotland.

Emtec Energy

Montrose, Scotland

Product Solutions
56 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1550 Ground Screws
Solar PV Racking System

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

solar array ground screw foundations


Situated on a farm in rural Angus with large areas of open ground, a solid foundation was required to cope with the significant uplift and horizontal forces to the solar array and provide maximum stability.

Speed of installation was also important to the client so that business operations could continue as normal.

solar array ground screw foundations


A pre-installation survey was carried out with site-specific testing to measure the tensile force of ground screws, ensuring the correct specification of ground screws to meet with performance requirements.

56 RADIX Ground Screws were installed in two parallel lines, with a Van der Valk frame system installed after, all ready for immediate mounting of Solar PV modules.

All work was streamlined and completed within three working days.