Beach House Ground Screw Foundations
Case Study

Beach Hut, Lunan Bay

Ground screw foundations and bespoke brackets for a beach hut on the Scottish coastline overlooking the North Sea.

Private Customer

Lunan Bay, Scotland

Product Solutions
24 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1550 Ground Screws
Bespoke brackets and fittings

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

beach house on ground screw foundations


To maximise the beautiful coastline views from the beach hut, the site sits on an elevated and extremely steep embankment, with access only possible via a restricted single farm track to the small community of beach huts.

beach house on ground screw foundations


Further to a site visit and assessment of ground conditions, we liaised with the client and their architects to complete a suitable ground screw foundation design and layout that took into account the steep embankment and supported the subfloor construction.

Installing ground screws in a tiered system, with heavy post brackets manufactured and supplied to accommodate 6″ timber stilts, we provided a level support structure for the beach hut.