Empire Bowls Club Clubhouse Foundations
Case Study

Empire Bowls Club Clubhouse, Greenhithe

Sustainable ground screw foundations and custom timber subframe for a 19.8m x 8.4m clubhouse for the Empire Bowls Club in Greenhithe.


Norton Lane, Greenhithe

Product Solutions
62 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1250 Ground Screws
10 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1550 Ground Screws
Bespoke timber subframe

Install Team

No More Digging South East

Empire Bowls Club Clubhouse Foundations 2


In 1910, The Empire Bowls Club began as the lawn bowls section of the Empire Paper Mill social club. They have one of the best bowling greens in Kent and were looking for a foundation solution for their new 19.8m x 8.4m clubhouse.

Having explored conventional building methods for their foundations, which were proving costly due to the scale of the project, they decided to contact No More Digging for a more economically viable and sustainable option. They had concerns about a slight slope in one corner of their site and were hopeful ground screws could overcome this challenge.

Additionally, the project was required within a tight time frame so the installation would complete during the non-bowling winter months and be functional by the start of the new season in mid-April.

Empire Bowls Club Clubhouse Foundations 8


The customer initially contacted us, having seen the application of our ground screws on a well-known television programme. However, they were unsure if we could provide a feasible solution for the sloping area where the clubhouse would sit.

After initial discussions and a point load test, the vast majority of the base was completed using 62 x RADIX PRO 76x1250mm Ground Screws

We decided to use 10 x RADIX PRO 76x1550mm Ground Screws, which were left exposed to raise the level to match the rest of the base. This approach ascertained the levelling of the slope.

Once the installation of the ground screws was complete, the No More Digging team installed the custom timber subframe, which was manufactured off-site in manageable cassettes.

Towards the end of the project, the Building Control Officer attended the site and assessed the ground screw installation in great detail; he commended the team on the fantastic solution.

The entire project installation lasted only two days, and the clubhouse is ready for the start of the season, complete with a social area, bar, toilets, and changing rooms.

The customer was so pleased with the outcome that No More Digging now has a permanent banner displayed at the club!