glamping pods on ground screw foundations
Case Study

Glamping Pods, Angus Glens

Supply and installation of ground screw foundations for three glamping pods in the remote Angus Glens.

Private Customer

Angus Glens, Scotland

Product Solutions
30 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1250/1550 Ground Screws

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

glamping pod ground screw foundations


Situated within the Angus Glens, it was essential to maintain the natural rolling landscape with minimal damage and disruption to the environment. The location of glamping pods was also on the elevated ground, meaning it was critical secure fixings would withstand the windy conditions that the valleys of rural Scotland frequently experience.

Installation was to be completed in the winter when weather conditions can be a challenge, and the natural ground conditions were also difficult to overcome.

ground screw foundations


We completed a site visit to determine the ground composition and liaised closely with the Glamping Pod manufacturer to determine the appropriate locations for ground screw foundations to support the main load-bearing points.

A range of RADIX Ground Screws adapter plates was installed, providing robust platforms for the glamping pods prior to their delivery. All without digging or damaging the landscape.

On arrival, each pod was hoisted onto their level foundations without any delay and securely fastened, now all ready for their first visitors.