log cabin on ground screw foundations
Case Study

Log Cabin & Porch, Aberdeenshire

Ground screws and bespoke subframe for a log cabin, with the rolling hills of Aberdeenshire providing a stunning backdrop.

Private Customer, Forest Log Cabins

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Product Solutions
20 nr. RADIX PRO 76×1250/1550 Ground Screws

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

log cabin and bespoke timber subframe


The site’s access was limited to a single gate that led to the beautifully landscaped gardens at the rear of the property. Naturally, the undulating ground needed consideration in the layout and selection of ground screws, and installation had to cause minimal disruption or damage to the garden area.

log cabin on ground screw foundations


With coordination between the client and their log cabin supplier, Forest Log Cabins, we established the overall design required to accommodate the large garden building and extended porch area.

Using our portable and electric-powered turning machine, there was no need for heavy equipment or digging to install our RDX PRO ground screws, taking up the ground levels and forming a perfectly level base to build on.

Excellent communication and teamwork meant that installation was completed on time, with minimal disruption, fuss or mess, providing Forest Log Cabins with the robust and sustainable base required to complete their log cabin without delay.