log cabins on ground screw foundations in a national park
Case Study

Log Cabins, Cairngorms

Low-impact foundations for six log cabins in mature woodland within the Cairngorm National Park, where preservation of the existing landscapes is fundamental.


Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Product Solutions
132 nr. RADIX PRO 76x1250 Ground Screws
Bespoke extensions and fittings

Install Team

No More Digging Scotland

installing ground screw foundations in a national park


Situated within mature woodland, the natural landscape was to be maintained with minimum disruption. Access was significantly restricted to the locations of the cabins, and the use of heavy machinery was prohibited.

Varying ground levels and conditions required an imaginative and versatile approach to ensure a solid foundation was provided for each log cabin.

Installation was to be completed in November and December when weather conditions in the Cairngorms can be the biggest challenge.

log cabin on ground screw foundations in a national park


No More Digging visited the site to complete an assessment, liaised with architects and completed a ground screw foundation design and layout for six log cabins. 

After the installation of 132 RADIX PRO Ground Screws, each site was surveyed, levels determined, and individual extensions were fabricated and installed to provide a level support structure for the cabin bases to be installed.

No restrictions on installing our ground screws due to inclement weather allowed for a swift installation ahead of the project delivery programme.