The Hut of Wellbeing Fife
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The Hut of Wellbeing, Fife

We are proud to support Reforesting Scotland’s project, The Hut of Wellbeing, offering a quiet retreat into nature for carers and those with life-limiting conditions.

Reforesting Scotland

Fife, Scotland

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16 nr. RADIX PRO & EXT Ground Screws

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As part of a community project with Reforesting Scotland, we were asked to help provide a low-impact foundation solution for a log cabin, The Hut of Wellbeing.

A concept pioneered by Reforesting Scotland member Tony Carter, The Hut of Wellbeing offers a quiet retreat for those with life-limiting conditions and demanding caring roles to go and have a break.

Falkland Estate’s owner, Ninian Stewart, was keen to support Reforesting Scotland and the project, knowing first-hand the benefits of having an escape into nature. Agreements were made to provide the land to support The Hut of Wellbeing, as well as a number of other small timber-built huts as part of the Hutters Community.

Duncan Roberts, a Northumberland architect, has been involved in the design and planning for the project, replicating the Scandinavian model to provide a small timber-built hut in a forest setting.

This project was built and managed by Jodie Adamson and Laura Jaap. They are carpenters who collaborate on natural building projects together and specialise in using local materials in the building of small off-grid structures, especially huts.

Everyone involved wanted to ensure that the new woodland hut would be built with minimal impact on the natural environment. Located within a secluded woodland area in Fife, it was critical the foundations caused no damage to the surrounding mature trees and their root systems.

Additionally, The Hut of Wellbeing is sited over an area of sloping and soft ground, so a foundation solution that would bring up levels without extensive excavations that would damage the natural habitat was required.

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RADIX Ground Screws are installed by pre-drilling holes and driving them into the ground with our powerful hand-turning machines, delivering a low-impact foundation solution that avoided any digging or causing damage to the trees or their root systems.

Our team installed a total of 16 RADIX Ground Screws to support the 7.2m x 3.6m woodland hut, which would accommodate a sleeping area, small kitchen, toilet, and a surrounding decking area to enjoy the beauty of Falkland’s Estate.

The combination of 6 RADIX PRO Ground Screws and 10 RADIX Extendable Ground Screws with 1200mm tips and 1000-1500mm extensions allowed us to provide a robust and level base for the project over the area of sloping ground and reach the load-bearing depths required.

Once the foundations were in, the team behind the Hut of Wellbeing were able to begin building on the ground screw foundations immediately and to their project schedule.

We were delighted to support this project as part of our commitment to supporting local communities and our county's carers, providing the RADIX Ground Screws and labour free of charge.