Can ground screws be installed over artificial grass and weed membranes?

Ground screws can be installed over many materials and surfaces, from artificial grass and AstroTurf to gravel and even concrete and paving!

ground screw foundations through artificial grass gravel and paving

Our customers often choose to install a weed membrane to help control the vegetation that will grow under and alongside the base of garden rooms and offices.

For all pliable materials, such as artificial grass or a weed membrane, a cross-cut in the material will be all that is needed. This cross-cut allows the ground screw to go through without a problem, and any brackets or attachment plates are left sitting accessible above the weed membrane, ready to support your subframe and building.

While adding only a little time to an installation, you should let our team know if you have a pliable ground material, you would like installed when you request your quote or are filling out your pre-installation form.

PLEASE NOTE: We must be made aware of any underground barriers, such as weed membranes, as they can cause problems during installation and may have to be removed.

Whether you’re looking to install a garden room over AstroTurf or paving, get in touch with your local team for some free advice, and we’ll be happy to help.

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