How long do ground screws take to install?

Ground screw foundations are relatively quick to install once the preparation work is complete; up to 70% faster than concrete!

To achieve a smooth installation for a project, it is important we gather as much understanding as possible of the ground conditions, access to the site and what our foundations will be supporting. When required, we can complete a pre-installation survey including on-site load testing, ensuring the correct ground screw foundations are specified and are available when attending a site for installation.

We have a range of equipment available, from handheld bars to industry-leading electric turning machines and hydraulic rigs, and will choose the most practical method for installation based on the project’s site access and the size of ground screws to be installed, to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

How ground screw foundations are installed

As an example, the physical installation of ground screw foundations for buildings up to 30sq/m will be complete in one day, creating a solid and level foundation ready to build on immediately. Poor weather conditions and cold temperatures do not delay installations that would be likely using traditional methods, such as concrete.

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