What are the benefits of ground screw foundations?

There are a variety of benefits to choosing ground screw foundations for your projects. Each RADIX Ground Screw has several attributes that contribute to its efficiency and sustainability. Take a look below at their various advantages below.

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Foundations for infinite applications

Our range of RADIX Ground Screws provides strong and sustainable foundations for many commercial and residential applications.

Each ground screw has the capability to support loads exceeding 75kN and withstand horizontal and vertical uplift forces exceeding 45kN in suitable ground conditions. This ensures your foundation is built to support a variety of prospective projects.

Choose ground screw foundations to support a cosy garden building, relaxing holiday lodge, exciting event staging, ground-mounted solar arrays, and an abundance of other ambitious project ideas!


Benefits of ground screw foundations


Sustainable alternative to concrete

Made from steel, RADIX Ground Screws contain less than half of the embodied carbon (CO2e) than an equivalent concrete base. Our goal is to help our customers build as sustainably as possible, protecting natural habitats and our environment in the process.

By choosing ground screws for your project foundations, you can avoid contributing to the 10% carbon emissions (CO2) of global concrete production and help make a small change in protecting our planet together.


Benefits of ground screws garden room foundations


70% faster foundations

Our ground screws offer efficiency on every project, installed rapidly without the need for heavy excavations, removal of spoils, formwork or reinforcement – and ground screws can be built on immediately without needing to wait on them to dry!

Our teams are also trained to a high standard too, ensuring they can install robust, level foundations for your project to schedule and without delay.

This infographic below illustrates the efficiency of ground screws vs concrete foundations:

ground screws versus concrete foundations

Low-impact foundations

With our ground screws, there’s no need to worry about digging up and damaging your beautiful garden landscape, colourful flower beds or surrounding trees and their root systems. Our team uses our portable, electric-powered hand-turning machines to install ground screws with minimal damage.

Ground screws can be installed over many different materials and surfaces, such as artificial grass, AstroTurf, gravel, concrete, and paving!

low-impact ground screw foundations


Overcome sloping and uneven ground

Unlike concrete, our expert teams can bring up levels over sloping and uneven ground rapidly without the need to dig, build formwork and pour loads of carbon-heavy concrete. We simply need to select longer screws to suit the levels of your project!

RADIX Ground Screws vary in length and diameter, with our “everyday” range starting at 76mm diameter and fixed lengths of 1050mm, 1250mm, 1550mm and 2050mm. We can also deploy our RADIX Extendable range to achieve greater depths or elevate your base further.

A further consideration is that the cost of concrete foundations increases significantly on sites with areas of sloping or unlevel ground, which will require more excavation, removal of spoils, materials and labour. With our ground screws, you won’t need to worry about the additional work or costs, we only need to select the correct length of screw!


Benefits of ground screws sloping ground


Access off-grid locations and hard-to-access spaces

Our electric-powered hand-turning machines are portable units that will install and extract our ground screws in the most demanding conditions, including cold winters and into frozen or hard-packed ground. These machines deliver up to 4700 Nm of torque, making them the perfect tool for the job!

The portability of these machines allows us to access off-grid locations and hard-to-access gardens. Our expert team is always willing to explore challenging terrain. We won’t turn away from a challenge! Ground screws offer permanent and temporary foundations for hard-to-access areas and sloping ground conditions and are an excellent choice in preservation areas.


off-grid and remote foundations


Durable, long-lasting foundations

RADIX Ground Screws are incredibly durable. They are made from high-quality steel, and every screw is galvanised with a zinc coating, providing an increased life span of over 76 years.


Benefits of ground screws long lasting foundations


Robust, removable foundations

As well as offering a long-lasting base for your project, ground screw foundations can be removed as quickly and as easily as they were installed without damaging the landscape or surrounding natural habitats.

This is beneficial for any temporary foundation requests, such as events/staging, commercial applications such as scaffolding, and for removal at the end of a solar array's lifespan.


Benefits of ground screws temporary event foundations


Weather independent foundations

RADIX ground screws can be installed at any time of the year in any weather, which is beneficial during rainy periods or icy cold fronts. Unlike concrete, ground screw foundations are ready to build on straight away and without any delay!

You don’t need to worry about costly project delays during soggy springs or gruesome winters. Our electric-powered hand-turning machines will install our ground screws in the most demanding conditions, including frosty winters and into the frozen and hard-packed ground or ground that is soft and squelchy!


Benefits of ground screws winter foundations Benefits of ground screws rain foundations


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