log cabin foundations

Build your log cabin on strong, sustainable ground screw foundations

Our ground screws provide solid and level foundations for holiday lodges and log cabins 70% faster than concrete bases and with minimal environmental damage.

Installed all year round in any weather, you can start building your holiday lodge, log cabin or glamping pod as soon as our last screw is in the ground.

✅ Install in off-grid and hard-to-access locations
✅ Install over sloping, uneven and soft ground
✅ Install all year round and in any weather
✅ Start building your holiday lodge without delay
❌ No digging. No damage. No concrete!

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Quicker and greener log cabin foundations

Installed 70% faster than concrete foundations and made from 81% less embodied carbon (CO2e), ground screw foundations avoid the mess, hassle and environmental impact of concrete. With a low-impact installation process, ground screws also avoid digging up and damaging natural habitats.

Here’s how we do it!


installing log cabin foundations and ground screws


Why choose ground screws for your log cabin foundations?

  • Environmentally-friendly
    A low-carbon alternative to concrete foundations
  • Making more projects possible
    Our team and ground screws can reach remote and hard-to-access locations
  • Overcoming challenging ground
    We can quickly level areas of sloping, uneven and soft ground
  • A complete foundation solution
    We can supply and install a bespoke subframe for your log cabin
  • Fast installation – 70% faster than concrete!
    Complete your new holiday lodge on time and with minimal disruption
  • No digging
    Avoiding digging up your garden also means no mess and minimal disturbance
  • No damage
    Ground screws avoid damaging trees, waterways, and natural habitats
  • Foundations ready when you are
    We install any time of the year, even in bad weather and during off-peak seasons


off grid log cabin foundations in Scotland


Worried about hard-to-access locations or challenging ground?

Our teams have come up against all sorts of ground conditions in the most remote areas, including where the ground was thought to be completely unusable.

Thankfully, our RADIX Ground Screw can be installed in off-grid locations without needing heavy excavations, quickly bringing up levels over areas of sloping, uneven or soft ground to provide solid foundations for your holiday lodge, log cabin or glamping pod.

If you have any questions about access issues or challenging ground, get in touch for some free advice.


Ready to try ground screws?

We can support you with a complete foundation solution, conducting surveys and ground tests, supplying and installing RADIX Ground Screws, and building bespoke timber subframes for your project.

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A turnkey foundation solution

At No More Digging, our expert team can support you with surveys and ground tests, the supply and installation of our efficient ground screw foundations, and even design and build a bespoke subframe for your project that you can start building on right away.

Survey and ground testing

Survey and ground testing

Our teams can conduct site-specific surveys and compression ground tests up to 150kN per ground screw.
Ground screw specification

Ground screw specification

We select ground screws and plan your foundations based on test results, ground conditions and project requirements.
Ground screw installation

Ground screw installation

We install ground screw foundations for single and multi-unit projects across the UK with our industry-leading installation machines.
Bespoke project subframes

Bespoke project subframes

We can design, manufacture and install a bespoke subframe so you can start building your holiday lodge immediately.

Case studies

Explore some solar projects secured on our ground screws and racking systems.